Travel Writing

As well as creating his Only In Guides, Duncan is commissioned regularly to write and illustrate articles for print and online media. The result is a rich and eclectic mix of subject matter, with an emphasis on locations off the beaten track.

Commissions have included "Curious Cities" and "Intrepid Travellers" for Timeless Travels magazine, "Parisian Prayers" and "A Mani Odyssey" for Hidden Europe magazine, "Insider’s Prague" for the Summit Hotel Group, and "Hidden World: Damascus" for Korean Air's MorningCalm magazine.

Duncan has also created a series called "The Stones of Vienna" celebrating the unsung built heritage of the Austrian capital.

A keen photographer, Duncan illustrates his writing using images drawn from his photo library of more than 2,000 colourful and intriguing images.

Some sample work at Hidden Europe magazine.

Travel Writing

The Island of Gla: A Mycenaean Mystery Solved?

The Heroön of Trysa: A Lycian Tomb Reappears
Also at

Krakow's Steel City

Edinburgh Athens of the North

Boston's Ether Dome

London's Most Wonderful Railway Station

Looking for the Lost Walls of Paris

Zurich's Urban Lido Culture

The Golden Relics of Cologne

Exploring Hamburg's Warehouse City

Jugendstil in Munich

Berlin's Bridge of Spies

Prague's Palace Gardens

Budapest's Children's Railway

Klimt's Last Studio

The Baron, Aleppo: Remembering Syria's Legendary Hotel

Spielberg's Abandoned Film Set

The Alleys of Birgu: Exploring Malta's Victorious City
Hidden Europe (Spring 2020)

Curious Cities: London
Timeless Travels (Spring 2020)

Dunwich, Suffolk: An English Atlantis
Timeless Travels (Spring 2020)

Curious Cities: Krakow
Timeless Travels (Winter 2019)

Mystery and Memory: Exploring Krakow's Suburban Mounds
Hidden Europe (Winter 2019/2020)

Curious Cities: Budapest
Timeless Travels (Autumn 2019)

Curious Cities: Prague
Timeless Travels (Summer 2019)

Curious Cities: Zurich
Timeless Travels (Spring 2019)

Only in Edinburgh
SCOTLAND magazine (Spring 2019)

Clouds Hill, Dorset
Timeless Travels (Spring 2019)

Curious Cities: Hamburg
Timeless Travels (Winter 2018)

A Bend in the River: History and Community Along the Thames Path
Hidden Europe (Issue 55, Summer 2018)

Driven by Devils: The Remarkable Story Of K.C. Gandar-Dower
Old Africa - Stories from East Africa's Past (Issue 77, Jun-Jul 2018)

More Hidden Corners of London
Black + Green (Summer 2018)

Intrepid Traveller: K. C. Gandar-Dower
Timeless Travels (Summer 2018)

Hidden Corners of London
Black + Green (Spring 2018)

Only in Boston
Timeless Travels (Spring 2018)

A Night at Burg Bernstein: Delving into Austro-Hungarian History
Hidden Europe (Issue 54, Spring 2018)

Intrepid Traveller: Rosita Forbes
Timeless Travels (Winter 2017)

Intrepid Traveller: Percy Harrison Fawcett
Timeless Travels (Autumn 2017)

Cramond: An Ancient Village in Edinburgh
Hidden Europe (Issue 51, Spring 2017)

A Resort in Ruins: The Rise and Fall of Kupari
Hidden Europe (Issue 50, Winter 2016/2017)

The Magic of Montparnasse
The Good Life France (Autumn 2016)

Flagship of Red Vienna: Karl Marx-Hof
Hidden Europe (Issue 48, Spring 2016)

All Change at Westbahnhof
Hidden Europe (Issue 47, Autumn 2015)

A Corner of Cambridgeshire
Hidden Europe (Issue 45, Spring 2015)

Monemvasía: The Greek Gibraltar
Hidden Europe (Issue 44, Winter 2014/2015)

Where God Grew Stones: A Mani Odyssey
Hidden Europe (Issue 42, Spring 2014)

Budapest: Relax in a ruin
Hidden Europe magazine (Issue 40, Summer 2013)

Parisian Prayers: A Litany of Liturgies
Hidden Europe magazine (Issue 39, Spring 2013)

Hidden Histories: Zurich‘s Moulage Museum
Hidden Europe magazine (Issue 36, Spring 2012)

Hidden Histories: Cologne‘s Subterranean Chandelier
Hidden Europe magazine (Issue 33, Spring 2011)

Unknown World: Damascus
MorningCalm Korean Air inflight magazine (January 2011)

Budapest Subterranea: Beneath the Hungarian Capital
Hidden Europe magazine(Issue 30, March 2010)

Law in the Landscape: How fire, and the threat of it, has left a mark on Vienna‘s urban fabric
Festschrift for University-Professor Dr. Wolfgang Zankl (September 2009)

Vienna Subterranea: Beneath the Austrian Capital
Hidden Europe magazine (Issue 27, July/August 2009)

Secrets of Budapest: The Art Nouveau Elephant House (Budapest Zoo)
Horizon Malev Hungarian Airlines inflight magazine (2008)

Secrets of Budapest: The Chapel in the Rock (Cave Church)
Horizon Malev Hungarian Airlines inflight magazine (2008)

Insider‘s Guide to Prague
Summit Hotel Group magazine (2007)

Gas Tank Living (Vienna Gasometer)
Designer Builder magazine (2005)

Vienna‘s Flak Towers
Designer Builder magazine (2005)

Natural Catastrophes & Global Warming
Belfor International journal (2003)

The Stones of Vienna
Monthly column in The Vienna Review celebrating the built fabric of the Austrian metropolis on the Danube

Forgotten Travellers
Biographies of six British travellers who undertook intrepid adventures in the 1920s and 30s.


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